15 ewe lambs from IA to NC

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Pads/Blankets required?: No
Hauler supplies food/water?: Yes
Located in a corral for loading?: No
Climate control required?: No
Departure: 2011-09-24 - 2011-09-29
Arrival: 2011-09-25 - 2011-09-29
Contact: ed sasser ( 0 )
Number of Animals: 15
Ticket Status: Expired

Brighton , Iowa | morganton, North Carolina

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ed sasser | Subject: 15 ewes lambs | 2011-09-04 17:13:55
hi rich , I really dont think the seller can be ready by then. These are ewe lambs about 6 months old. I am sure health papers come with them. just dont think they will be avaiable that soon. Thanks for reply , ED