Livestock Transportation Being Watched

Livestock Transport News Article - More News2008-12-31
The transportation of livestock is becoming increasingly littered with not only legal issues but also activists. The animal rights movement has long had activists that have shown the worst of situations and portrayed those as normal.

This is an open target as the largest of corporate agriculture groups look for animal welfare not because it’s a part of normal operation but in pressure from PeTA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), a group that thrives on publicity and with the goal of destroying any use of animals.

In an article highlighted on the a load of market hogs headed for a Smithfield Foods processing plant had a small car stop in front of the loaded rig as the car turned left. The driver of the rig drove off to the right to miss the car, struck a power pole and overturned with 190 head on board. Of those 65 were killed or had to be euthanized.

The response team included not only police, a veterinarian and normal emergency crews but a representative of PeTA shooting video at the scene. This was then submitted based on the images on the video for animal cruelty charges.

A study cited in the report showed that 80% of the time in a livestock hauling accident the hauler was the only vehicle involved. In the case of the above situation if the driver hit the car there are legal and financial penalties as well.

Safety measures should always be in place but remember too the inconsiderate driver in front of you could be an activist looking to create an accident. It is a no-win situation for the driver and the company in the case of an accident, but this underscores the need for a plan for dealing with them to not make the situation worse by ending up on youtube or other sites with “publicity” for cruelty to animals.

Be safe out there.

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