Handle with Care: The Beef Industry Distributes Care and Handling Training Videos

Livestock Transport News Article - More News2008-09-02
In June 2005, a statement was released by Chuck Adami, a Livestock Market Owner and Beef Industry Producer Leader, in regard to a video released by the Humane Society of the United States.  The video depicted improper treatment of cattle that was shot by animal activists at auction markets.

Adami said in his statement, \"As a livestock market owner, I know that giving animals proper treatment while they are in my care is an obligation, not an option.  It's also good business.  Unfortunately, we continue to see isolated cases of improper treatment in video shot by anti-animal agriculture activists at auction markets.\"

The beef industry has worked aggressively to stop the mistreatment of livestock in transportation situations.  One method that they have done this is to distribute over two thousand cattle care and handling training videos to over 1,250 livestock markets and cattle sales locations.  They also continuously work with veterinarians at these markets to ensure that all cattle are handled properly and humanely.  In addition, the beef industry is working hard to provide hands-on staff training sessions at livestock markets.  These sessions will be held by cattle handling experts. 
Adami stresses that it is important for the persons responsible for mistreatment are held accountable.  It's also important that every single employee that works with cattle is educated in the proper care and treatment of these animals.

The Beef Industry also provides additional resources for livestock transporters to learn more about the humane care of cattle during transport and handling at market.  The Beef Quality Assurance Act program was initiated in 1987 to provide cattle producers with the information they need as well as training tools to ensure animal health and welfare.  These principles influence the management practices of more than 90 percent of cattle.  The \"Producer Code for Cattle Care\" was developed in 1996 and reinforces the industry's strong stance against neglect and animal cruelty.  Additionally, the industry has developed \"Guidelines for Care and Handling of Beef Cattle,\" which has been endorsed by the Academy of Veterinary Consultants and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.

The Humane Slaughter Act of 1958 dictates strict animal handling and slaughtering procedures.  The beef industry stresses that once the cattle leaves the farm, ranch, feedlot or market, it is the responsibility of the livestock transporter to ensure that animals are humanely treated until they turn the animals over at their next or final destination.  If you would like to learn more about cattle production and cattle welfare, visit BeefFromPasturetoPlate.org. 

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