Trailer Manufacturers Focus on Safety Instead of Sales

Livestock Transport News Article - More News2008-04-01

The horse trailer industry is not nearly as large as the automotive or recreational vehicle industry and will not produce as large of profits as the other industries. Because of this, many horse trailer manufacturers do not have the resources to spend on research and development to design trailers that are safe for both horses and humans; however, most horse trailer manufacturers are spending a great deal more time and money to ensure that horses are safe on the road.

One of the changes that horse trailer manufacturers are making is to use galvannealed steel to construct the trailers. Aluminum has been the mainstay material used to construct horse trailers for many years; however, steel is a much safer material to use because it is stronger than aluminum and it will maintain its shape better when placed under stress. It has also been found that aluminum has an increased chance of tearing and causing injury to the horses. Steel will not easily tear and in the end, steel is less expensive than aluminum.

Another change that can be found in new horse trailers is the interior stall design. The traditional stall layout has been the standard slants. The only problem is that most horse owners have found that the slants are too small and that the design can create problems. This is because it is impossible to unload a horse from the front of the trailer without unloading all of the horses in the back. This means that if a horse in the front gets in trouble, it can take several minutes to get the rest of the horses unloaded to tend to the injured horse. Horse trailer manufacturers have addressed this problem by creating the four-horse center load stall design. This stall design will increase safety for both horses and handlers during loading and unloading and make it possible to unload one horse without having to unload them all.

Manufacturers have also begun using energy efficient LED lights instead of standard light bulbs on most horse trailers. LED is also longer lasting and since the lighting strips run the entire length of the ceiling, handlers will be able to see clearly in the dark and decrease the risk of having an accident loading or unloading at night. Trailer manufacturers have also made improvements to living quarters to improve safety and comfort to the people that will be staying in the trailer.

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