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Business Opportunity for Livestock Haulers


The largest livestock show in the southwest is coming to Phoenix December 28, 2007 through January 1, 2008. This represents an excellent opportunity for livestock haulers to start the New Year off with some hefty business. The Arizona National Livestock Show, which has been a tradition since 1948, is held every year at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.

In addition, the Arizona National Horse Show, which has traditionally been an important part of the Arizona National events, will be held from January 3-6, 2008. Now held in the WestWorld equine complex in Scottsdale, the Horse Show has witnessed significant growth in just the last few years. A Saddlebred Show as well as an American Quarter Horse Show are included in the competitions. Livestock haulers should take note of the fact that all of the events in this livestock show present an excellent opportunity to work with owners who are transporting their animals for the show as well as to transport animals who may be moving to new homes.

The Junior Auction and Junior Market Livestock Auction will be held on Tuesday; January 1, 2008. In the past exhibitors have traveled from nearly two dozen states across the country as well as from Canada to make exhibitions at the show. As a result some 2,000 head of the best sheep, goats, swine, horses and cattle in the country are expected to enter the competition. 160 of the highest placing market animals are placed on the Junior Market Auction each year. Due to the fact that the auction is being held the last day of the National Livestock Show some owners may find it more convenient to utilize independent shippers.

Due to the fact that these animals are bred for show and auction, haulers may find that they are easier than most to haul. In fact, during their lifetime many of these animals have traveled significantly. This livestock provides not only an excellent opportunity to gain some business right at the first of the year but also a way to market your services to the livestock industry.

For more information about the Arizona National Livestock show you can visit www.anls.org. Here you will find an online schedule of the upcoming show as well as information about admission to the show and even how to obtain discount admission for the show. There will certainly be a large number of high quality animals presented at the show who will need excellent transportation services to and from the show as well as on the way to new homes following auctions.


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