AQHA World Show Coming to Oklahoma City

Livestock Transport News Article - More News2007-10-31

With the AQHA World Show coming to Oklahoma City November 2 through November 17, the World Show is a great opportunity for livestock haulers to gain some extra business right before the holidays.  The World Show is held each year at Oklahoma's State Fair Park and features the AQHA World Show Sale.  For livestock haulers, this means that there are going to be several horses that are moving to new homes by way of independent livestock haulers.

In the past the AQHA World Championship Show Sale was held the final weekend of the World Show.  This year, the show is taking place November 10 and 11th.  The World Show will take place at State Fair Park and is going to be featuring 23 World Show Champions and Reserve Champions as well as World Show Championship producing sires and dams.  There are several top bloodlines that will be auctioned at the sale and because the sale is not being held the final weekend of the show, livestock haulers may find that there will be a need for independent haulers to bring these horses home for the winning bidders.

The World Championship Show Sale typically was held the final weekend, which meant that if the winning bidders had room in their trailers at the end of the show they could take these horses home themselves.  However, this year the show is being held midweek.  This means that there may be several horses that need to be shipped to their new homes before the weekend.
Livestock haulers will find that these horses are going to be quite easy to haul considering their show experience and the amount of traveling that many of these horses have done in their lifetime.  There are also going to be several young prospects and breeding stock horses at the sale as well.  This is not only an excellent place to get some extra business in right before the holidays, but a great place to market your services to the Quarter Horse Industry. 

If you're interested in the horses that will be for sale at the show, you can go to .  Here you will find an online sale catalog as well as a preview brochure for the sale.  Last year there were 4,796 horses sold for an average of $34,967,625.  The high selling horses averaged $117,000.  Nineteen percent of the horses that sold brought over $10,000 and seven horses sold for $100,000.  So, there are going to be a lot of high quality horses that are going to need someone with tender loving care to deliver them to their new homes. 

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