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New AU Guidelines for Land Transport of Livestock

The land transport standards and guidelines cover the transport of livestock by road, rail and by livestock transport vehicle aboard a ship. They apply to the major commercial l...

Working with FEMA

If you have large animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats, or pigs on your property, be sure to prepare before a disaster. Find guidelines on the FEMA website. www.fema.gov ...

Books on Livestock Handling and Transport

At Google Books you can read excerpts and get details on Livestock Handling and Transportation books. You can also go to the Google eBookstore for over 3 million eBooks to read on ...

Livestock Transportation Documents

Get Livestock Handling and Transportation documents at your finger tips. A new search engine that scours the internet for pdf documents related to any subject you like. The site...


Quality Large Animal Transport

Leslie Fattig
73091 643A Avenue
Auburn,Nebraska 68305
United States
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Hauling horses and cattle for over 25 years. Clean driving record. Extra services provided for your precious cargo.

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Gabbi Barnes | Subject: Rescue Mare | 2013-03-03 15:17:32
I have a mare I need transported from NY to TX do you have a load going or do you know of someone who does this route? Thank you! russet87@gmail.com

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